Excoecaria indica

Excoecaria indica

Excoecaria indica, also known as the Indian copperleaf or Indian sandpaper tree, is a plant species found in Southeast Asia, including India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. It belongs to the family Euphorbiaceae and can grow up to 6 meters tall.

The tree has small, greenish-yellow flowers that are arranged in clusters, and its leaves are oval-shaped and have a rough, sandpapery texture. The sap of Excoecaria indica is toxic and can cause skin irritation and blindness if it comes into contact with the eyes.

Excoecaria indica is commonly found in coastal areas and is able to tolerate saline soils and strong winds. The tree is used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of ailments, such as skin diseases, diarrhea, and fever. However, caution must be taken when using the plant for medicinal purposes due to its toxic sap.

The tree is also used in landscaping and is grown as an ornamental plant. Its distinctive leaves and tolerance to coastal conditions make it a popular choice for coastal gardens.

Overall, Excoecaria indica is an interesting and useful tree species found in Southeast Asia, valued for its medicinal properties and ornamental qualities. However, it is important to handle the plant with care due to its toxic sap.

Updated: 21 April 2023 — 08:52

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