Acrostichum aureum

Acrostichum aureum

Acrostichum aureum, commonly known as the golden leather fern or swamp fern, is a fern species found in wetlands and mangrove forests throughout the tropics, including Southeast Asia.

The fern has large, leathery fronds that can reach up to 4 meters in length and 50 cm in width. The fronds are typically bright green in color, but can turn yellowish-golden in color in certain lighting conditions, hence the common name “golden leather fern”.

Acrostichum aureum is an important species in wetland ecosystems, providing habitat and food for a variety of animal species, including birds, fish, and insects. The fern is also used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of ailments, such as fever, diarrhea, and skin diseases.

In addition to its ecological and medicinal uses, Acrostichum aureum is also used in horticulture as an ornamental plant. However, the fern can be invasive in certain habitats and caution should be taken when introducing it to new areas.

Overall, Acrostichum aureum is an interesting and useful fern species found in wetland ecosystems and valued for its ecological, medicinal, and ornamental qualities.

Updated: 21 April 2023 — 09:03

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