Black-bearded Tomb Bat (Taphozous melanopogon)

Black-bearded Tomb Bat (Taphozous melanopogon)

The Black-bearded Tomb Bat is a species of bat that is found in South and Southeast Asia, including parts of India. They have a distinctive appearance, with black fur around the muzzle and throat.

These bats are insectivorous and feed on a variety of insects, including moths and beetles. They are active at night and use echolocation to locate prey and navigate through their environment.

Black-bearded Tomb Bats are solitary animals and roost in caves, tunnels, and other dark, enclosed spaces. They are known for their ability to navigate through their roost using echolocation, even in complete darkness.

Female Black-bearded Tomb Bats give birth to a single pup each year, which they nurse and care for within the roost.

Black-bearded Tomb Bats are considered a species of least concern by the IUCN Red List, due to their wide distribution and large population size. However, they are threatened by habitat loss and disturbance, as well as hunting and persecution by humans.

Overall, the Black-bearded Tomb Bat is an interesting and important species that plays a significant role in many ecosystems in South and Southeast Asia, and is also valued for its ecological significance.

Updated: 20 April 2023 — 16:55

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