Amorphophallus campanulatus

Amorphophallus campanulatus

Amorphophallus campanulatus, also known as elephant foot yam or stink lily, is a plant species found in Southeast Asia, India, and parts of Africa.

The plant has a large, underground corm that can reach up to 25 cm in diameter, and produces a single, large leaf that can reach up to 1.5 meters in height. The flower of Amorphophallus campanulatus is unique and striking, with a large, fleshy, purple-colored spathe surrounding a tall, spiky spadix.

Amorphophallus campanulatus is used as a food source in many cultures, particularly in India and Southeast Asia. The corm can be boiled or roasted and eaten, and is also used to make flour and starch. However, the plant contains high levels of calcium oxalate crystals, which can cause irritation and burning if ingested raw or improperly prepared.

In addition to its culinary uses, Amorphophallus campanulatus is also used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of ailments, such as asthma, fever, and arthritis. The plant contains several bioactive compounds, including flavonoids and alkaloids, which have medicinal properties.

Overall, Amorphophallus campanulatus is an interesting and useful plant species found in Southeast Asia and India, valued for its culinary and medicinal uses. However, caution should be taken when consuming the plant, as its high levels of calcium oxalate can cause health issues if not prepared properly.

Updated: 21 April 2023 — 09:07

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