House Crow (Corvus splendens)

House Crow (Corvus splendens)

The House Crow is a medium-sized bird that belongs to the family Corvidae. It is found in many parts of the world, including South Asia, Southeast Asia, and parts of Africa.

These birds have a distinctive appearance, with a black plumage on their body, a thick bill, and a relatively short tail. They are typically found in urban and suburban areas, where they have adapted to living in close proximity to humans.

House Crows are omnivores, feeding on a variety of prey, including insects, small mammals, eggs, and carrion, as well as human food waste. They are known for their intelligence and adaptability, and can often be seen scavenging in trash bins and around human settlements.

During breeding season, House Crows build nests in trees or on buildings, laying 3-5 eggs per clutch. Both parents share the duties of incubating the eggs and caring for the young.

House Crows are considered a species of least concern by the IUCN Red List, although they are considered pests in some areas due to their scavenging behavior and potential to damage crops and property. Control measures are often implemented to manage their populations in urban areas.

Overall, the House Crow is an interesting and important species that has adapted to living in close proximity to humans in many parts of the world.

Updated: 20 April 2023 — 16:03

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